My music reaches both heart and mind

Internationally lauded for her dramatic, emotional and vibrant works, Judith Lang Zaimont has been described as "a serious artist, formidably endowed, and capable of a broad audience appeal" [FANFARE] and "a composer of the first rank- a mid-career master" [NEW MUSIC CONNOISSEUR].

Many of Zaimont's 100 musical compositions have been recorded and have won prizes in national and international competitions. Critics consistently praise her music, terming it "expressive and idiomatic" [CLAVIER], "colorful and commanding" [THE NEW RECORDS], and "exquisitely crafted, vividly characterized and wholly appealing" [NEW YORK TIMES].

I admire the unusual - music that takes risks.

A grantee of both National Endowments and a Guggenheim Foundation Fellow,  Zaimont is also a 2003 Aaron Copland Award winner and recipient of a 2005 Bush Foundation Artist Fellowship. After a distinguished career as an educator (Peabody Conservatory, CUNY, Adelphi University, University of Minnesota), she is now composing full-time.  Judith  and her  husband, artist Gary Zaimont, live in the greater Phoenix area.

Judith Lang Zaimont

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