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The Vocal-Chamber Art -- Music by Judith Lang Zaimont
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Chansons Nobles et Sentimentales
Charles Bressler, tenor; JL Zaimont, piano

Elena Tyminski, soprano; JL Zaimont, piano

TWO SONGS for Soprano and Harp
Berenice Bramson, soprano; Sara Cutler, harp

Elena Tyminski, soprano; Pierce Brown, tenor; Nancy Allen, harp; Barbara Bogatin, cello; Patricia Spencer, flute; Roger Nierenberg, conductor

THE MAGIC WORLD: Ritual Music for Three
David Arnold, baritone; Jonathan Haas, percussion; Zita Zohar, piano

Album Reviews:
Music by "a mid-career master"
"The pieces on this CD are terrifically good in many ways…. Zaimont clearly possesses a keen sense of characterization, pacing, and drama. Best of all, each cycle inhabits its own distinct emotional world."

-- New Music Connoisseur, Summer 2000 Vol. 8 No. 2 (full review here)

Interesting and distinctive…. Enjoyable, intelligent music; word-setting which demonstrates a consistent perceptiveness as regards the meaning and shape of the words, without ever forfeiting the proper liberties of the composer.   A  CD well worth hearing.
--Glyn Pursglove   in MusicWeb International

The Vocal-Chamber Art
in Pan Pipes Fall 2000, Volume 93, Number 1

Audio clips:
Greyed Sonnet 1
Greyed Sonnet 2
Songs of Innocence 3
Songs of Innocence 4
Magic World 3
Chanson Nobles Song 3

Release date: June 1999
Leonarda CD 343