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reSOUNDings -- Orchestral Music by Judith Lang Zaimont
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SYMPHONY No. 1 / ELEGY for Strings / MONARCHS - Movement for Orchestra
Czech Radio Symphony
Leos Svarovsky and Doris Kosloff, conductors

Album Reviews:
"Judith Lang Zaimont is, along with Christopher Rouse, Arnold Rosner, and Joseph Schwantner, one of the most interesting compositional voices of her generation. … Most of the works of hers I know reveal a convincing sense of authenticity and expressive purpose."
-- Walter Simmons, Fanfare, May/June 2001 Vol. 24 No. 5 (full review here)

"Zaimont writes in an au courant but very appealing idiom that blends bright, wide-spaced harmonies (both triadic and iridescent) and sumptuous, imaginative textures with invigorating freshness, energy, and warmth. At her best -- certainly in Symphony No. 1 and the Elegy -- Zaimont shows herself to be an impressive symphonic composer."
-- American Record Guide, November/December 2000 (full review here)

Audio clips:
Monarchs, second theme
Monarchs, brass
Monarchs, close
Symphony No. 1, movement 1
Symphony No. 1, beginning of movement 3
Symphony No. 1, melody of movement 3

Release date: August 2000
Arabesque CD Z6742