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" ... 3: 4, 5 ... " (3-movement quintet for oboe, clarinet, violin, viola, contrabass)
Members of Minnesota Orchestra

Album review: "A major contribution to chamber music for winds and strings which hopefully will be heard frequently in concert halls worldwide. A remarkably effective 21+ minute work by a major American composer perhaps just reaching the height of her powers…. Skillfully constructed, listener accessible, and yet retains a sense of fresh newness about it throughout…. Strong timbral imagination… tour de force of technical display for the ensemble … clos[ing] with a moving and at times tender "Elegy" which conveys an unmistakable American character."
- William Nichols, The Clarinet, September 2002

Score excerpts:
Movement 1
Movement 2

Release date: August 2001
Jeanne Inc. CD