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2001 Cliburn Competition Gold Medal Recital: Olga Kern
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"Impronta Digitale" -- Cliburn competition selected work

Album Reviews: "The impromptu spirit not only lives but thrives in Judith Lang Zaimont's Impronta Digitale, one of the four works by living composers chosen for the [Cliburn] competition's semifinal round. A long, jazzy single line darts around the keyboard's lower register and materializes into toccata-like sequences and spiky arpeggios. As the piece progresses, textures grow more varied in terms of register and articulation, with generous portions of stabbing, motoric chords. A professor composition at the University of Minnesota School of Music, Zaimont has composed more than one hundred works in virtually every medium: opera, orchestra, chamber, vocal, choral, dance, film, and solo instrumental. One suspects that Impronta Digitale's ingenious and idiomatic keyboard writing has more than a little to do with the fact that Zaimont is an accomplished pianist in her own rights, who plays her own music with tremendous authority and verve."
- Jed Distler, CD program notes

Also see Kilstoft's interview with Zaimont on the 2001 Cliburn Competition in "Bibliography"

Score excerpts:
1. Ricerca

Release date: October 2001
Harmonia Munda CD 907289