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ETERNAL EVOLUTION  -- Music of Judith Lang Zaimont
        The Harlem Quartet, string quartet
        Awadagin Pratt, piano

Eternal Evolution
String Quartet 'The Figure' premiere recording

ZONES - Piano Trio No. 2

ASTRAL ...a mirror life on the astral plain...
viola solo, premiere recording

Serenade violin, cello, piano, premiere recording

Release date: April 2011
Navona Records (PARMA)

PRESTIDIGITATIONS  -- Contemporary Concert Rags by  J. L. ZAIMONT

The American Ragtime Ensemble, directed by David Reffkin
Doris L. Kosloff,  Joanne Polk, Nanette K. Solomon & Judith L. Zaimont piano
Elizabeth Ann Owens & Immanuel Davis flute

'Bubble-Up' Rag  - Concertpiece for Flute and Piano    
Reflective Rag  piano // ensemble // flute and piano
Judy's Rag  
Lazy Beguine   ensemble
'Hesitation' Rag   
Snazzy SonataAn Entertainment for Two   Serenade

Lyricism, variety – delightful contemporary music.
 Zaimont brings ragtime solidly forward to the 21st century, yet honors its century-old origins. She gets us to view ragtime as music.” - Max Morath

Release date:  March 2007
MSR Classics   MS 1238

PURE COLORS -- Music of Judith Lang Zaimont
Cover Picture
Solo music and other works for small forces

WIZARDS - Three Magic Masters
Young-Ah Tak, piano

ASTRAL... a mirror life on the astral plane...
John Anderson, clarinet

Virgie Rainey - Two Narratives for Soprano, Mezzo and Piano
Wendy Zaro-Mullins, soprano; Jean del Santo, mezzo-soprano; Timothy Lovelace, piano

Valse Romantique
Immanuel Davis, flute

'Tanya' Poems
Tanya Remenikova, cello

'Bubble-Up' Rag - Concertpiece for Flute and Piano
Immanuel Davis, flute; Nanette Kaplan Solomon, piano

A rewarding collection of well-made music, consistently inventive and accomplished,  rhythmically and harmonically subtle.   In its use of a variety of forces, never in danger of wearying the listener … Her music is various and undogmatic, inventive and readily approachable, the work of a composer who should  be more widely known.
-- Glyn Pursglove     MusicWeb International

Cogent and completely expressed….  pleasurable listening experience.

--  All Music Guide

Release date: Projected Fall 2005
Albany Troy 785