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Headline Update for 2006-2007

SOUNDS – Commissions, Premières, Publications, Podcasts

♦  New CD
“PRESTIDIGITATIONS – Contemporary Concert Rags by
  J.L. Zaimont”

MSR Classics   -  MS1238 ::     (203) 304-2486
                                        March 26, 2007

          ~~ Featuring The American Ragtime Ensemble David Reffkin, Director plus Doris L. Kosloff, Joanne Polk, Nanette K. Solomon & Judith L. Zaimont piano, and Elizabeth Ann Owens & Immanuel Davis flute

            “Lyricism, variety – delightful contemporary music.
 Zaimont brings ragtime solidly forward to the 21st century, yet honors its century-old origins.  She gets us to view ragtime as music.”   --  - MAX MORATH

♦  Première   
        ISRAELI  RHAPSODY for Concert Band  March 11, 2007

             St. Mary’s University Concert Band  Winona, MN  
            Commissioned by the Kaplan Foundation. Published by MMB Music, Inc.
♦  Publication - international release
       A CALENDAR SET  - 12  Preludes      March 30, 2007

             Jabez  Press,   Ft. Worth, TX  
                 Winner of 2005 American Composers Invitational Composition Competition

  Podcasts :   March - April 2007
             •  1.5- hour  Composer Interview, with Noizepunk and Das Crooner
                           Includes  performances of Growler,  Elegy for Strings, Wizards,
                          ‘Bubble-Up’  Rag --   provocative dialogue, and lots of laughing.

                    ::  March 24

             •  Half-hour Composer Interview to launch  publication of
                          A  CALENDAR  SET

String Quartet – The Figure   ( Two movements,  16:00)  
           Commissioned  for the Harlem Quartet, première September 2007

Four movement work • Commissioned by the Portland    Symphonic Choir
      Text assemblage: composer.  For SSAATTBB, choral soli, organ, perc. ,cello and cor       anglais
            • Première October 2007 (c. 17:00)

◊  Hitchin’ – a travellin’ groove  (5:00)
Commissioned by Nicola Melville for new recording/publication project,
                                       première September 2007

◊  Parallel Play
  Recording by Presidio Saxophone Quartet

◊  The Spirit Moves In Me   (Three movements, 12:00)
      Text assemblage: composer.  For SATB,  piano, perc., string quartet
          •  Commissioned by the Universal Sacred Music Foundation. Première 2008

WORDS  - Articles, Speeches, Dissertations

◙    “Imaging the Composer Today”  -  IAWM Journal,       June 2007
                 Clear-eyed  view of the emotional payoffs, artistic decisions and fulfillments, and                         economic perils,  that characterize the  career of composer in the 21st century.
        Zaimont essay, composer profile and list of works. Reprint of  the Keynote Speech            (Trotter lecture)  for the College Music Society national meeting,
           September 2006, San Antonio.

◙     Piano Today feature article:  A Calendar Set  June ‘07                                                   Includes reprint of  the score of  “June”.

◙   “The Matter of Style”  NewMusicBox     August 2007
         “To what extent is a style something knowingly applied by a composer?”
         Zaimont’s article (requested by the online magazine of the American Music Center)             explores the many decisions a composer faces today in crafting (or discovering) her/his             own artistic ‘voice’.


“Composer:  Living American Woman November/December          2005
       Originally the Keynote Address for the National Conference on Women in the Arts,          University of Missouri, Saint Louis, MO.  (11/12/05) 
         Condensed for December 2005  publication by the online magazine of the American          Music Center.
                Being  born a composer affects everything, channeling  how we act in the private sphere                 (as spouse and parent) to all emphases of  work as thinker, scholar, and teacher, and our                  perceptions of and responses to professional and world events.
         On the Internet:

◙    “A Woman of Valor” -  composer interview          
        Milken Archive  of Jewish Music


Doctoral papers on Zaimont works, current and recent

         “The Role of the Piano in Selected Chamber Works of Judith Lang Zaimont”
                -- Jennifer Muñiz   (Manhattan School of Music,  2004)

          “The Compositional Style of  Judith Lang Zaimont as found in Nattens  Monolog
          (Night Soliloquy),
 scena for Soprano and Piano with text by
          Dag Hammarskjold”
              -- Joo Wun Jun  (Louisiana State University,  2005)
               Posted on Internet at :

       Zaimont’s  Piano  Music:  WIZARDS and Jupiter’s Moons.  
                – Janet Norman  (Arizona State University,  in progress

         Zaimont’s approach to the Piano – music for differing technical levels:
               Jupiter’s Moons and In My Lunchbox.
               -- Rebecca Pennington  (University of Kansas , in progress)

         “Veriditas:  Enlivened Creativity in selected works of Judith Zaimont,
              Libby Larsen and Juliana Hall”. 
Music for voice. 
-- Sharon Johnson  (University of Minnesota, in progress)