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♦  Recordings

·   “ART   FIRE   SOUL”     Music by Judith Lang Zaimont
          MSR CLASSICS – 2 CD
            Debut Recording of  Elizabeth Moak, pianist 
     Survey of composer’s music for solo piano.
     15 works,  157 minutes of music

      “Zaimont’s idiom is always firmly grounded in tonality, and boldly colorful; the piano is her own instrument, hence the idiomatic flair with which she writes for it.” – Records International May 2012

                        Released March 2012

·    “JUDITH LANG ZAIMONT”  Music for Piano  
            NAXOS CD  -  Christopher Atzinger, pianist

         SONATA; Nocturne – La fin de siècle;  A Calendar Set
                    Released  February 2012

·   ETERNAL EVOLUTION    Music of Judith Lang Zaimont
          Harlem Quartet with pianist Awadagin Pratt
                  PARMA/Navona  expanded  CD
                * on FANFARE Magazine’s  BEST of 2011 ”Want List “

          String Quartet - The Figure;   ZONES Piano Trio No. 2
          Serenade;  ASTRAL ...a mirror life on the astral plane...

          Released May 2011
          Also: “Serenade”on Navona compilation CD “Fine Music Vo. 2”
          Released June 2011


        First Prize  -  Tempus Continuum Ensemble   (New York)
             Doubles  oboe and piano
             May 2012

      First Prize  - Third Millennium Ensemble  (Washington, DC / Baltimore)
             Serenade   violin, cello, piano
             April 2012

• Commission
from   Camerata Bern  (Switzerland) 
         (one of three international composers commissioned)
           - Commission to honor the orchestra’s  50 Anniversary
              JoyDance in Spring       2012

“Composer of the Month”

     WFIU Public Media  (Indiana )
             January 2012
     WKPC –FM  (San Antonio  Public Radio)
            March 2011

      University of Southern Mississippi, November 2010    
         Central Composer for contemporary festival “Intégrales”
             Concerto ‘Solar Traveller’ state première
             Cortège for Jack  world premiere
      University of Minnesota – School of Music    February  2012
         Master Composer in Residence:  3 concerts, 4 masterclasses
              Concerto ‘Solar Traveller’ regional  première

Also:   - Wizards - Three Magic Masters placed on the repertoire list
                 - 2012  William Kapell Piano Competition


Cortège for Jack 
 - Nov. 2, 2010  Elizabeth Moak, University of Southern Mississippi  world première

CONCERTO for Piano and Wind Orchestra
 - Nov. 4, 2010 University of Mississippi  Elizabeth Moak, Univ. of Southern Mississippi Wind Ensemble, T. Fraschillo, cond.  state première
 -  February 8, 2012  University of Minnesota  regional première  Timothy Lovelace, Univ. of Minnesota Wind Ensemble, Craig Kirchhoff, cond.  Regional première

WIZARDS – Three Magic Masters
 -June 25, 2011 Conservatorio del Vina, Chile  Janet Norman 
            national première
-March 3, 2012 Weill Hall at Carnegie Hall  Young-Ah NY City première
 -October 19, 2011  State Botanical Gardens, Athen, GA  Elizabeth Moak  state première
- April 2012  - Carnegie Hall, FSU 

String Quartet ‘The Figure’
-Dec. 4, 2010 Cincinnati  College Conservatory  Harlem Quartet  state première
-February 16,  2012   Jordan Hall, Boston   Harlem Quartet   state  première
-July 24, 2011  Museum of Modern Art  New York  Juilliard New Music Ensemble  NY City première
-March 19, 2012   Yellow Spring, CO  Harlem Quartet  state première

Wind Quintet No. 2 ‘Homeland’
-November 2, 2010   Univ. of Southern Mississippi  Category 5  Woodwind Quintet  state premiere         
-November 17, 2010  Middle Tennessee  State University (Murfreesboro)  Category 5  Woodwind Quintet state premiere

City Rain   Nov
-October 1, 2010    Pleasant Hills, CA  Diablo Valley  College Wind Ensemble, cond.  Monte Bairos  regional première
-Nov. 4, 2010   Central City MS Concert Band, U of Southern Missippi  state première
-Nov. 5, 2011   Cary Arts Center, NC   Triangle Wind Ensemble  state première
-May 1, 2011   Ipswich  school district,  Massachusetts, Gerald Dolan, conductor   state première

Jupiter’s Moons
- Hong Kong,  Him Wong  April 7, 2012  City Auditorium national première

Serenade  for piano trio – 
 - December 10, 2010  Cincinnati, OH   Melissa White, Paul Wiancko, Awadagin Pratt   world première
May 29, 2011 “Soli fan tutti”  Finale Concert  Staatstheater   Darmstadt, Germany   national première

I Seek the Lord
 -  Feb. 2012      Gail Archer, organist    New York  state première  

A Calendar Set: 12 Virtuosic Preludes
- April 20, 2012  Sagrestia Vault, Malta  Christopher Atzinger   national première

ZONES  Piano Trio No. 2
- December 9, 2010  Cincinnati College Conservatory
            Ilmar Gavilan, vln.,  Paul Wiancko, cello, Awadagin Pratt, pno. Cincinnati premiere

Music for Two  (bassoon and cello) 
- January 8,  2011  - Chandler Symphony Orchestra -  first chair  players
            Chandler Center for the Arts  (Chandler, AZ)  state premiere


Other Performances (Selected)

Snazzy Sonata 
            February 19, 2011 Peggy Brengle and Don Horneff, duo pianists    
            Eichelberger Performing Arts Center,   Hanover, Pennsylvania

Snazzy Sonata
        February 28, 2011  Jacklyn Chan and  Rebecca Sorley, duo pianists
         “Molto Piano”  series,  Christel DeHaan Fine Arts Center
          University of Indianapolis

ASTRAL … a mirror life on the astral plane ….
            March 10, 2011 Greenwich House Music School,
             New York City   Demetrius Spaneas, clarinet

Reflective Rag – clarinet and piano
           March 23, 2011   Middletown, New Jersey

' Hesitation’ Rag
        June 18, 2011 –  Celeste Lederer, piano
            Richmondtown Library, NY

Parallel Play – saxophone quartet 
        September 23, 2011 – Northern Arizona University ( Flagstaff)

From the Great Land
        September 25, 2011 – Northern Arizona University ( Flagstaff)
                    IAWM National Conference

Virgie Rainey – Two Narratives for Soprano, Mezzo and Piano
            Sept 25, 2011 Alphabet Soup Productions
            Music at the Bridge Theater,  New York, NY 

Wizards – Three Magic Masters
             February 24, 2012  - Young-Ah Tak, pianist
             Tampa, Florida
            Steinway Artist  Series

Virgie Rainey – Two Narratives for Soprano, Mezzo and Piano
            February 28, 2012.  Lloyd Ultan Hall  (Minneapolis, MN) 
            Elizabeth Steffensen, soprano  /Alyssa Anderson, mezzo-soprano /
            Julian Ward, piano

Solo Piano Music of Judith Lang Zaimont
            March  20, 2012,  Marsh Auditorium,  Hattiesburg, MS.

A program devoted to Zaimont  solo piano music
   Excerpts from A Calendar Set, American City: Portrait of New York,  Jupiter’s Moons,  Sonata, Wizards – Three Magic Masters. Elizabeth Moak, piano

Israeli Rhapsody for concert band
           University of Minnesota Concert Band   April 2012
           Concert Band  conducted by Dr. Jerry Luckhardt

Parallel Play
          September 23, 2011   Katzin Concert Hall, Tempe, AZ  
          ASU  Graduate Saxophone Quartet

Israeli Rhapsody for concert band
           April 2012 University of Minnesota Symphonic Band                                   
            conducted by Dr. Jerry Luckhardt

Calendar Set
            April 8, 2012   Smithsonian - American Art Museum,  Washington, D.C. 
            Christopher ATzinger, pian

" I Seek the Lord" 
            April 27, 2012  Gail Archer, organist, NY City. 
            Also  April 26, 2012 City's Rutgers Presbyterian Church

Wizards – Three Magic Masters
            April 30, 2012  - Weill Hall at Carnegie Hall.  
            Hyemin Kim, piano.


 Sky Curtains  - Borealis, Australis 
          fl, cl, bsn, vla, cello    (17:30)
          published spring 2011  Jeanné, Inc.

 Cortège for Jack  (2010)
          Piano solo (3:30) 
          publication: summer 2010 Subito Music Corp.

 American City – Portrait of New York   (1956; 2010)
         Six-movement suite for piano solo.  (16:00)
         publication: summer 2010 Subito

 Sonata-Rhapsody  for Violin and Piano   (2010)
        Five movements  (29:00)
        publication: January 2011 Subito Music Corp.

 Calendar Collection – 12mvts.  For developing pianist
         Published  spring 2011:  Jabez Press

·  Other
         Successful project through United
         to secure funding for calligraphy of score and parts
         for Pure, Cool (Water) – Symphony No. 4
December 2011

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