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American City - Portrait of New York (1958; 2010) - View discography entry

1. Rush Hour    2. Harbor Fog
3. Coffee House    4. Central Park
5. ‘Scrapers    6. Garment Factory

Suite for solo piano (15’) - Zaimont’s first extended composition, updated Publisher: Subito Music Corp.
* Original version received National Federation of Music Clubs national first prize

Black-Velvet Waltz (1983)

For solo piano (4'30")
Publisher: Subito Music Corp.
First Performance: Sacramento, California 1989

Calendar Collection (1976) - View discography entry

12 preludes for the developing pianist (14'40")
Publisher: Vivace Press
* Chosen for 1990 and 1993 repertoire lists for the National Federation of Music Clubs
First Performance: March 1977
Other Performances: Around the world

"Uncommonly attractive music."
-- Fanfare

"Twelve programmatic sketches, one for each month of the year: They are delightful."
-- Pan Pipes (SAI)

"Superb. . . . Each piece is totally different, and Zaimont has a personal musical language that is instantly accessible, but intriguing in its complexity."
-- Women of Note Quarterly

A Calendar Set (1972-1978) - View discography entry

12 virtuosic preludes for solo piano (26'40")
Publisher: Jabez Press, Ft. Worth, TX []
** Winner,  2005  American Composers Invitational Competition.
  First Performance: New York City, March 1979 Other Performances: Around the world; also broadcast on Voice of America

"Exquisitely crafted, vividly characterized and wholly appealing."
-- The New York Times

"Twelve preludes written for (and during) the twelve months, emerges as a colorful and even witty set of miniatures."
-- The Detroit News

"A nicely varied collection of diverse musical moods and images, each suggested by a particular month of the year. The piano writing is masterfully fluent and virtuosic, [with] satisfying, expressive variety...moods and emotions range from delicate reflection through joyful exuberance. With some exposure a collection like this could have a wide range of applicability for piano recitals of many degrees of sophistication, and could win easy acceptance."
-- Fanfare

CONCERTO for Piano and Wind Orchestra ‘Solar Traveller’ (2009)

1. Outward Bound    2. Nocturne (Lunar)   3. Ad astra per aspera

*Commissioned by eight USA wind ensembles

Publisher: Subito Music Corporation
= see also Wind Ensemble category

Cortège for Jack - View discography entry

For solo piano  (3:20)
*Composed in memory of  Jack Beeson, the composer’s teacher at Columbia University.

Publisher: Subito Music Corporation
First Performance:  Elizabeth Moak, piano
University of Southern Mississippi,  October 2010

'Hesitation' Rag (1998) - View discography entry

Publisher: Subito Music Corp.
Commissioned by Virginia Eskin

Hitchin’ - a travellin’ groove  (2007) - View discography entry
For solo piano  (5:00)
    *Commissioned by Nicola Melville  Contemporary Music Project
Publisher: Subito Music Corp.
First Performance: Nicola Melville, Carleton College and tour summer 2007

I Seek the Lord (1992)

For organ solo (4:00)
Publisher: Subito Music Corp.
First Performance: Agnes Scott College, April 1995

Impronta Digitale (1999) - View discography entry

piano solo (8:00)
* Honored composition in 2001 American Invitational composers competition of the Cliburn Competition
Publisher: Subito Music Corp.
First Performances: By semi-finalists at the 2001 Van Cliburn Competition, Fort Worth, TX
Other Performances: around the world
Recording by Olga Kern on Harmonia Mundi CD

"An eight-minute tangle of notes, a vibrant, exciting piece, almost a moto perpetuo, with occasional tonal leanings amid its blazes of color and dynamism."
-- Clavier

"A stunning torrent of notes and chords."
-- Dallas Morning News

In My Lunchbox – Suite for Developing Pianists (2003) - View discography entry


1: Swimming Tuna (Arabesque)
2: Celery Stalks!
3: The Banana Song (A Whistlin’ Tune) (Variations)
4: Mandarin Orange
5: Sugar RUSH! (Rondo)

* 2003 Commission from the Music Teachers Association of California

Publisher: Vivace Press
First Performances: Four premieres at annual convention of Music Teachers Association of California, July 2003.

Other: Now on repertoire lists, MTAC and other state music organizations.

Jupiter's Moons (2000) - View discography entry

I: The Moons swim in orbit
II: Europa
III: Leda
IV: Io
V: Ganymede VI: Callisto

For solo piano (19')
* Millennium commission from Focus on Piano Literature 2000
Publisher: Subito Music Corp.
First Performance: Focus on Piano Literature 2000, University of North Carolina - Greensboro, Paul Stewart.

Nocturne: La Fin de Siècle (1978) - View discography entry

For solo piano (7')
Publisher: Galaxy Music Corporation (E.C. Schirmer)
*Chosen for repertoire list for 1988 General Motors/Seventeen Magazine Competition
First Performance: New York City, March 1979
Other Performances: Around the world

"Nocturne, a 'valentine' to composer-pianists of the Gilded Age, is full-bodied and voluptuous."
-- Stereo Review

"A beautiful and original evocation of the romantic nocturne."
-- The Piano Quarterly

"Evokes the harmonic language of an earlier time effectively brought up to date through the use of complex rhythms and occasionally biting dissonances."
-- St.Louis Globe-Democrat

"A distinguished and highly effective work."
-- Notes

"This contemporary character piece will be effective for recital and competition performances."
-- Clavier

Serenade  ( 2006 )   View discography entry
For solo piano  (5:50)
Publisher: Subito Music Corp.
First Performance: J L Zaimont,  Berekely CA  November 2006.

“Serenade is especially lovely — lyrical, melancholy, with elegiac harmonies.”
-- ALL MUSIC GUIDE - September 2007.

“… an intriguing piece of real, if mysterious, charm.”
-- Music Web International December 2007.

Scherzo (1969)

For solo piano (7')
Publisher: withdrawn
First Performance: Columbia University, May 1969

Snazzy Sonata (1972) - View discography entry

For piano four-hands (18')

"Moderate Two-Step"
"Lazy Beguine"
"Be-Bop Scherzo"
"Valse Brilliante"
Publisher: Vivace Press
* Winner of Delius Competition Prize
First Performance: Radio Station WQXR (New York), June 1972
Other Performance: Jacksonville State University; CAMI Hall, New York City; Queens College; California Music Teachers Association; San Francisco Conservatory

“Zaimont captures the spirit of the rag with toe-tapping rhythms and musical flavors...”
-- Lance Hill, CLASSICAL MUSIC GUIDE ~ June 2007

Solitary Pipes (1977)

For solo piano (1'30")
Yorktown Music Press (in The Joy of Modern Piano Pieces)

SONATA for Piano Solo (1999) - View discography entry

I: Ricerca
II: Canto
III: Impronta Digitale

Publisher: Subito Music Corp.
* Cited as the emblem work for 1999 on the CENTURY LIST, Piano & Keyboard Magazine
First Performance: Bradford Gown - Phillips Gallery, Washington DC - May 2000
Other Performances: 11th Van Cliburn International Competition

"...A vibrant, exciting piece..."
-- Clavier

Stone (1981)

For piano keyboard and piano strings (16')
Publisher: Subito Music Corp.
First Performance: Clinton Adams, Peabody Conservatory, November 1984
Other Performances: New York University; Columbia, S. C.; Polaris Ensemble (Baltimore, MD)

Suite Impressions (1994) - View discography entry

Folk Song
Jazz Waltz
Pop Song

For solo piano (9')
Publisher: Vivace Press

Toccata (1969)

For solo piano (4')
Publisher: withdrawn
First Performance: Columbia University, May 1969

Two Piano Rags: "Reflective Rag", "Judy's Rag" (1974) - View discography entry

For solo piano (8'30')
Publisher: Vivace Press
First Performance: February 1975
Other Performances: Around the world

"Noteworthy are two elegiac rags by the contemporary composer Judith Lang Zaimont, which prove there's life in the old genre yet."
-- TIME Magazine

"Judy's Rag sustains the quality of that remarkable second side, with its dreamily Brahmsy Neapolitans. I'd almost put it at the top of its special little genre. . . . This is a disc I'll treasure."
-- Richard Taruskin in OPUS Magazine

“A great musical romp, taking ragtime patterns through a variety of tempos.”
-- Jack Rummel, RAGTIMERS.ORG ~ June 2007

“[Reflective Rag] is wistful, lyrical - a beautiful remembrance of ragtime that moves me”
-- AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE ~ November / December 2007

WIZARDS – Three Magic Masters (2003) - View discography entry
Spell CASTER (Rhetorical)
Spell WEAVER (Lyric)
Magister – SORCEROR (Energetic)

For solo piano (8:30)
* Commissioned for San Antonio International Piano Competition - required work for 2003 competition: 12 premieres Nov. 2003.
Publisher: Subito Music Corp.

“Although written as a performance piece for a competition, the diverse and poetic textures of the composition – rich yet transparent – are quite beautiful and showed the pianist’s technical mastery of dynamics and phrasing on the modern instrument, with a passionate intensity radiating from the pieces emotive wizardry, with its three sections diverse yet united.” 
         -- Mark Greenfest,  soundwordsight  March 2012

 “A fine example of today's trend toward a return to recognizable tonality in modern composition,  focusing on the dynamic lyricism inherent in fine modern music.” ­
-- Richard Storm,   Sarasota Herald-Tribune, February 2012 

“The  music fuses passion and consideration, and appeals  simultaneously  to mind and heart. From the opening, largely chordal section, to the arpeggios of its central section and the furious hammer-blows of the third, Wizards has a persuasive logic – both structural and emotional.”

 -- MusicWeb  International  

“In the mysterious Wizards -- Three Magic Masters (2003),  Zaimont’s  ideas are most cogently and completely expressed in rich harmonies and crystalline rhythms.”

– All  Music  Guide

- Magic removes us from ‘natural’, normal frames of reference. Through their magical powers, Wizards have the capacity to bend, shift, alter the natural world. And they can do this instantaneously – with no need for transitional matter nor any type of transition state. That mercurial, ‘magic’ quality of instantaneous shift is at the core of WIZARDS.

Within one 8:30 movement, three distinct personas appear and dissolve one into the other with few perceptible borders. These three are introduced and bracketed by a veil of magic music (floating in upper registers) comprised of an upward swirl followed by a repeated, evanescing single pitch and its resolution, at times alternated with patterned shards which never resolve. The three principal Magic Masters propose three distinct wizardly aspects. In their order of introduction they are: Firmly chordal Spell CASTER (Rhetorical), spotlighting the bass and the left hand; Spell WEAVER (Lyric) coordinating both hands in glitteringly traced arpeggio across and through the piano’s mid-range; Magister – SORCEROR (Energetic), using the entire keyboard in fast continuous attacks, initially as soft mystical droplets, and then as furioso hammer strokes. As befits the greatest (and final) Wizard, Magister is the longest of the three movements.

Keyboard Cousins (in progress)

Suite for Young Pianists

"The Harp"
"The Guitar"
"The Cymbalom"
"The Celeste"
"The Organ"
"The Harpsichord"


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